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We live trap to remove certain animals from the area and have them relocated along with their family units in a way that is humane and as free as possible from stress for the animals.

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Once animals, bats or birds have entered your home, significant damage could be done. From insulation, air ducts, electrical wires, plumbing pipes, wood damage and animal waste. Wild animals can leave fur, dander, urine, feces, and parasites which can all lead to allergic reactions, breathing problems, and other overall health risks. Let Wildlife Removal Company come in and cleanup the mess, as well as, repair the damage. This would also include odor elimination and disinfectant. Call us today at (812) 320-3574.

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Wildlife Removal Company specializes in the removal and exclusion of moles. Our methods are safe and effective with no chemicals or poisons. We do not use bulky or unsightly traps. If you have a problem with lawn and yard damage from moles, Call Wildlife Removal Company at (812) 320-3574.


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