What Do You Do With the Captured Animals?

There are many laws and regulations regarding wildlife possession and transport that wildlife control trappers need to comply with. If an animal is healthy we will relocate it the same day using a low stress method. If the animal is injured or sick, we work with Indiana state licensed wildlife rehabilitators. Some rehabilitators specialize in a specific species. We will make every effort for any animal that is found hurt or orphaned to be fostered by an experienced rehabilitator for that specie.


No. Government animal control agencies, such as city or county animal control services, only deal with domestic animals - dogs and cats. This includes things like bite reports, pet abuse complaints, barking or dangerous dogs, etc. It's true that certain government services might be used to help with select wildlife cases, but they do not perform true professional wildlife control. For example, if you had a raccoon in your attic, the county may lend you a cage to put on the ground, then they might come pick up the raccoon, and trap once the animal has been caught, but there are many things they will not do. They wouldn't inspect the attic, they wouldn't tell you about or repair the ducts that were torn open, they wouldn't remove the litter of baby raccoons by hand, they wouldn't set a professional type trap on the roof near the entry hole. they wouldn't seal the hole shut after the raccoons were removed, they wouldn't identify vulnerable areas on the roof and do preventative sealing, they wouldn't clean the raccoon waste, provide odor control or disinfect the attic, etc. Wildlife control is a complex and specialized field requiring a lot of work & dedication.

Can't My Regular Pest Control Company Take Care Of This?

Probably not. Most control companies typically treat for insects and use poison control methods to do so. They usually spray poison around the yard or house and charge for monthly or quarterly maintenance. They typically are not trained or licensed to deal with nuisance wildlife. We are totally dedicated to full time wildlife situations.

Do You Use Poisons?

No. Poison is not a solution for wildlife control. Poisons work for insects because they are so small and special poisons have been developed for that use. There are no registered or effective poisons for wildlife control, except for mice and rats. We at Wildlife Removal Company are totally against using any type of poisons or any traps that are inhumane in removing and relocating animals. 

Will You Help Out With Dog or Cat Issues?

No. Unfortunately we cannot help with domesticated animals such as dogs and cats. If you have a dog or cat complaint, please call animal control.

Which Animals Do You Handle?

We handle nuisance wildlife which is any indigenous wild animal that is causing a conflict with a person. This most commonly means squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, pigeons, bats, snakes, groundhogs, moles, etc. If in doubt, call us at (812) 320-3574. We love the challenge of interesting wildlife.

Do All Wild Animals Carry Rabies?

Any mammal can potentially carry rabies. However, there are only a few animals that seem to be most common in carrying and transmitting rabies in Indiana. They are raccoon, skunk, coyote, fox, and bats. 


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