How Do I Get Rid of Honey Bees in Louisiana?

Do you have Honey Bees in your walls or a Honeybee swarm on your property?

We are honey bee removal specialists, removing honeybees out of walls, sheds, attics, roofs or hollow trees on your property. Our honey bee removal professional will safely get rid of honey bees and solve all of your honey bee hive removal problems.

Although honeybees are very beneficial to the ecosystem and valuable for pollination; their population numbers are so high across most of the southern U.S. that they are often a pest problem, especially when found in or near the home or workplace. Many people are highly allergic to honey bees and can be hospitalized after just one bee sting due to anaphylactic shock that follows a sting. When bees sting they emit a chemical pheromone to signal the attack to the rest of the colony which commonly results in numerous stings. Honey Bee stings are the largest killer of humans in the U.S. directly caused by animals. Government statistics indicate 40-100 people are killed annually from insect stings and this number continues to rise each year due to the increasing population numbers of the aggressive Africanized honeybees (also known as “killer bees”) that are taking over the southern states. This makes professional honey bee removal from Trapper J a must.

Various subspecies of honeybees are found around the world. Honeybees construct colonial nests out of wax known as hives to produce and store their honey that is used as their food source throughout their inactive winter months. Most hives we remove consist of 40-60 pounds of honeycomb as bees typically require 30-100 pounds of honey to survive the winter. We occasionally remove even larger hives that have ranged from 100-200 pounds of honeycomb.

If you see a swarm or cluster of honey bees in or around your home or office or see numerous bees flying in and out of cracks or gaps on the exterior, you are in need of honey bee removal and honeycomb removal. Trapper J is is equipped to remove the bees and extract and clean all honeycomb from the interior voids within your structure. Honey Bee removal can be very dangerous and should be left up to a licensed professional. For more information on honey bee removal and to learn how to get rid of honey bees and honeybee hives please call Jerry at (318)439-0202.

Why not just kill the Honey Bees?

Extermination of bees is not the ideal method for removal of honey bees. Honey bees while alive flap their wings causing the wax honeycomb to stay cool. If they are killed, the honeycomb will melt and the honey is likely to ooze out of the comb and very possibly seep out of your baseboards or get trapped in the wall causing major damage. Call us for advise on professional honey bee removal. We take great care in preserving and relocating Honey Bees and their colonies. Trapper J cares for honey bees and our policy is not to exterminate, but to relocate!

Are you a Bee Exterminator?

We are not a honey bee exterminator! We specialize in the live removal of honey bees from homes and businesses and all unwanted places such as walls, roofs, attics, ceilings, floor joist, soffit, chimneys, overhangs, voids, barns, trees, and more. Trapper J is an experienced full service company that can immediately get you relief for any honey bee or wasp related problem. Call us right now, and we will be there for honey bee removal. The reason that honey bee removal is the preferred method is because it removes the bees but also removes the wax and honey.

Are there Bees in your house?

Honeybees build hives in nearly any opening large enough to hold a hive. Usually, honeybee hives are built in hollow trees but they can also be found in walls, floors, chimneys, attics and the eaves of buildings. A single bee hive can house several thousand honeybees. While bees for the most part are peaceful, they will attack if their hive is being threatened. Plus, the presence of a honeybee hive can cause serious damage when built in a structure. Trapper J can provide honey bee removal to get rid of honeybees and repair the damage.

Honeybee Removal Process

Trapper J will locate the hive and carefully remove building materials to gain access. We remove the honey bee colony: bees, honey comb, honey, and wax, from the cavity. We then seal up the void to prevent future honey bees from re-infesting that location. Then we replace the original materials and complete the repair job. We clean the work area and leave your home in as good or better condition than we found it. You can rest assured that Trapper J will get rid of honeybees safely and thoroughly and, at the same time, we will take care of your property.

Where Do We Provide Honey Bee Removal Service?

Trapper J, a North Louisiana Nuisance Wildlife Animal Removal specialist is the most professional and humane honey bee removal and honeybee hive removal service available in Monroe, West Monroe, Ruston, Bastrop, Alexandria, and Pineville in the North and Central Louisiana area.

Primarily serving the North and Central Louisiana Parishes of Allen, Beauregard, Bienville, Catahoula, Concordia, Caldwell, Claiborne, East Carroll, Franklin, Grant, Jackson, La Salle, Lincoln, Madison, Morehouse, Natchitoches, Ouachita, Rapides, Richland, Sabine, Tensas, Union, Vernon, West Carroll, Winn and surrounding communities.

We also provide honey bee removal and honeybee hive removal service for the North and Central louisiana cities and towns of Alexandria, Arcadia, Bastrop, Colfax, Columbia, Oakdale, Farmerville, Harrisonburg, Homer, Jena, Jonesboro, Kinder, Lake Providence, De Ridder, Oak Grove, Oberlin, Marksville, Monroe, Natchitoches, Rayville, Ruston, Saint Joseph, Tallulah, Vidalia, West Monroe, Winnfield, Winnsboro.

The Best Choice For Honey Bee Removal

Choose Professional, Experienced, Licensed Wildlife Removal Specialist, Trapper J. – Jerry D Robbins, renowned animal control specialist, affordably Honey Bees that are a nuisance to you, your family and your home, property or office. We will meet or beat our competitors pricing! We pride ourselves on being thorough, professional and affordable wildlife removal specialist!