Pest Proofing & Wildlife Prevention Services

Pest Proofing and Wildlife Prevention Services Provided By Trapper J

Pest Proofing Prevention is, of course, the best medicine. No wildlife control job is complete without it. This is particularly true when wild animals have entered your home or attic. If you’ve got rats or squirrels or raccoons or any other critter in your attic, then your home has vulnerable areas – open vents? Loose soffits? Rotting fascia boards? It could be a whole number of areas. The only way to solve the problem permanently is to find these openings and let Trapper J seal them shut permanently. In fact, if you’ve got rodents in your attic, it might be impossible to solve the problem without finding all of these openings and sealing them shut. All repairs should be of professional quality – all holes should be fixed with steel that future rodents can’t chew through.

Aside from repairs to openings in a house, other preventative measures might apply. For example, if you’ve got groundhogs or skunks living under a shed or deck, you might want a steel screened exclusion barrier installed around the perimeter of the architecture in order to keep critters permanently out. If you’ve got an elevated home or mobile home, you know that cats or other animals love to live under there and make a mess. Rats can crawl under a home and find openings by pipes and by the walls, and climb up into the walls and attic. An exclusion barrier will keep them out. There’s a million little things – if you’ve got a lot of snakes, then perhaps some habitat modification is in order to make the property less attractive. If you’ve got raccoons stealing your ornamental goldfish, maybe you want netting installed around the pond or cover in the water for the goldfish to hide in. Whatever the wildlife problem, there’s something that can be done to prevent a similar problem in the future.

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Where Do We Provide Pest Proofing & Wildlife Prevention Services?

Trapper J, a North Louisiana Nuisance Wildlife Animal Removal specialist also provides the Pest Proofing & Wildlife Prevention Service

Pest Proofing & Wildlife Prevention Services available in Monroe, West Monroe, Ruston, Bastrop, Alexandria, and Pineville in the North and Central Louisiana area.

Primarily serving the North and Central Louisiana Parishes of Allen, Beauregard, Bienville, Catahoula, Concordia, Caldwell, Claiborne,

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