Feral Cat Removal and Control

How Do I Get Rid of Feral Cats in Louisiana?

Feral cats in the garage? Wild cats on your property? Do you wake up at night because of fighting feral cats? Are feral cats attacking your pets or are feral cats defecating in your yard or children’s play area? You have the right to have us trap feral cats and remove feral cats off of your property. We get rid of feral cats for you, safely, legally and humanely.

We focus on feral cat removal or wild cats. These felines would be best described as cats that have lost, or never received proper socialization. In essence, they have become, or were born, wild.

Some proponents of feral cat colonies wonder why feral cats should be removed and controlled. Our customers know why: Left unchecked, feral cat colonies can grow to large numbers, creating unsanitary conditions in areas around homes and under structures. Unsanitary conditions in such places include accumulated urine and feces, flies, partially eaten birds, rodents and reptiles. Dead cats are also commonly found were feral cat colonies exist.

What Are Some Signs I Have A feral Cat?

Feral cats often vocalize loudly at night while fighting and mating. Doorways, vehicles and other objects and areas are often sprayed by cats to mark their territory, creating a very unpleasant smell.

Are Feral Cats Dangerous?

As feral cats are uncared for, they often harbor diseases and ectoparasites. Feral cats are also known to act aggressively towards humans and pets, making feral cat removal necessary.

Are Feral Cats Harmful To My Other Pets?

Our clients with bird feeders often discover that their backyards become hunting grounds for feral cats. Feral cats kill countless numbers of songbirds and native wildlife species each year.

What Can I Do To Help Keep Feral Cats Away?

Cats gravitate toward areas that provide food as well as warm, dry cover where they can take shelter. By eliminating any potential food sources on your property, you can make your home less inviting.

What areas does Trapper J provide Feral Cat Removal Services?

Trapper J, a North Louisiana Nuisance Wildlife Animal Removal specialist is the most professional and humane Feral Cat  removal service.

Feral Cat removal service available in Monroe, West Monroe, Ruston, Bastrop, Alexandria, and Pineville in the North and Central Louisiana area.

Primarily serving the North and Central Louisiana Parishes of Allen, Beauregard, Bienville, Catahoula, Concordia, Caldwell, Claiborne,

East Carroll, Franklin, Grant, Jackson, La Salle, Lincoln, Madison, Morehouse, Natchitoches, Ouachita, Rapides, Richland, Sabine, Tensas, Union, Vernon, West Carroll, Winn and surrounding communities.
We also service the North and Central louisiana cities and towns of Alexandria, Arcadia, Bastrop, Colfax, Columbia, Oakdale,

Farmerville, Harrisonburg, Homer, Jena, Jonesboro, Kinder, Lake Providence, De Ridder, Oak Grove, Oberlin, Marksville, Monroe, Natchitoches, Rayville, Ruston, Saint Joseph, Tallulah, Vidalia, West Monroe, Winnfield, Winnsboro.

The Best Choice For Louisiana Feral Cat Removal

Choose Professional, Experienced, Licensed Armadillo Removal Specialist, Trapper J. – Jerry D Robbins, renowned animal control specialist, affordably captures feral cats that are a nuisance to you, your family and your home, property or office. We will meet or beat our competitors pricing! We pride ourselves on being thorough, professional and affordable!