Snake Removal
Snake Removal
Snake removal
Snake removal

Snake removal is the solution to quite a variety of snakes that are an increasing problem in the South. With the movement of food closer and closer to the homes, there are more snakes coming close to where we live.

A common misconception is that there are a lot poisonous snakes. There are in fact no poisonous snakes in the world because poisons have to be absorbed through the body, whether through ingestion or dermal (skin) contact. There are, however, a number of venomous snakes that we can be concerned about in the South. Venom has to be injected straight into the body and can cause tremendous pain and life threatening situations.

How Does a Snake Get Into My House?

Most snakes enter at ground level because climbing is not facilitated with their bone structure, but trees can be a useful form of transportation for them to the roof line of a home. Any spaces or openings around water, gas, oil pipes or utility lines, open crawlspace vents or electrical outlets, window & door thresholds, and a variety of other open areas.

Once they have claimed territory in your house, snakes will travel through insulation in walls & ceilings, inside and behind cupboards, appliances, bath tubs & shower stalls, and also near sources of heat such as attics, furnaces & heating systems, especially where things are stored.

What Are The Dangers of a Snake In My House?

The largest danger with snakes is that some can be venomous; a venomous snake bite can end a life. Snakes have teeth that are replaced throughout its life – snakes could also bite or attack if they feel threatened. Snake bodies can also become homes for a large number of parasites such as tapeworms, round worms, mice, ticks, fleas and these organisms are easily transferred to humans or other animals.

Trapper J will also be able to seal up holes in attic or walls including fireplaces and vents where snakes have entered the home. Trapping and exclusion of snakes is available for homeowners and business owners throughout North and Central Louisiana.

Snake Removal from your Home
Snake removal from your Business
Remember - Not All Snakes are Bad
King Snakes Eat Other venomous Snakes

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